The style of Taekwon-Do which the Chi Organization practices is called Ch’ang Hõn or Blue Cottage. General Choi, Hong Hi created this style of Taekwon-Do and was given this pseudonym by his calligraphy teacher, Mr. Han, II Dong.

The hallmark of this system, which was created in the 1950’s, is the combination of fast and slow, light and forceful movements together with extensive foot work whose roots stem from the Shotokan school of Japanese Karate.

These roots combined with others, have over time, been refined to the extent that they no longer resemble their original movements and have become totally “Korean” in every way, through the application of “Sine Wave” and the nine “Training Secrets”.

The name and number of movements, as well as the diagrammatic representation of each of our 24 patterns, have specific significance which symbolizes its namesake or relevance to some historical event or person in Korean history.

Translated literally, TAEKWON-DO means FOOT AND HAND FIGHTING WAY.

tae kwon do meaning